Online dating, is it really legit? Or has it become a total Vanity Fair?

To inform everyone,

The woman writing this sappy tale has already experienced several experiences regarding this new wave of dating. Once upon a time, when the world was at the start of its innovations and technological advancements.

The dating world between men and women has slowly evolved with the times. But the question is, in this generation right now.. Is romance already considered dead? Or has it flourished?

Tinder, GRINDR, Plenty Of Fish and the list goes on, has become the Millenial’s way of dating, it’s easier and more efficient, it allows you to discern who are the creeps and the norms in this new age- dating era.

Which is a good thing about dating applications, but one of the negative parts about it is, the mysterious allure of meeting someone new for the first time may have been diminished, people don’t have to try so hard anymore when they want to get a date, it’s too “easy” according to some who use dating applications because people can just bulls*ht their profile description about their general interests or even most of the time they don’t say what they are looking for.

My personal experience with dating applications, such as Tinder has been interesting and varied. I know what I like in men both physically and mentally, so it was not hard to pick out my version of the cream of the crop back then. Sure, I’ve met a few oddities that I would never want to meet up with again.

But as for the ones who were actually surprisingly normal they became friends, the sort that I would actually keep for a long time.
I have also met the ones I could possibly have a relationship with, but instead I never pursued it, because of the fact that these guys, as nice, sweet and incredibly amazing as they are.

I didn’t see them potentially getting into a relationship with me, purely because of the distance and the fact that most of them were just passing through when I met them. I always ended up learning from them and I valued the fact that these people genuinely wanted to get to know me as a person and it wasn’t just a date that led up to the bedroom immediately.

That perspective of mine changed drastically, it happened around November of last year. I met the guy who drove me nuts, him and I instantly connected on a level that I have never experienced before. This gentleman’s name was Sam, and up until now he still makes me feel like I’m the only girl he loves. I felt like Cinderella, or in my case “Tinderella” given how we met.

We met up twice when he was passing through Manila, Our first date was at a little dive bar at 1:00am on a Saturday, that led to us talking while having a few beers until 6:00am, nothing happened other than the fact that we had our first kiss and few more in the cab ride we both shared to go back to our respective lives.

I did not expect him to leave me a message later on during the day, when he was on his way out of town. While I responded back, I didn’t expect to feel like I missed him and I have only known him for such a short time.

We exchanged messages back and forth, for every single day he was out of Manila. I didn’t expect to like him so much, but he was just different from any other guy I have met in a long time, regardless if it was through tinder or not.

When it came to the second date, that’s when things really did kick up, only downside was I ended up liking him so much and I didn’t know what to do because he was going back to England and he had no plans on coming back to the Philippines at all.

Fast forward to now, I just recently came back from a trip with him in Hong Kong, He came from the United Kingdom and I came from the Philippines, we are together officially and very much in love. It was all a huge blur on how we decided to completely f*ck the distance because we can make it, I had planned to go to London, where he coincidentally lives at for an internship soon and it all made sense for the two of us.

All relationships are not set in stone and partners can change their feelings about a person in a cycle similar to the Moon’s, but why wouldn’t you have the chance to make it work if you truly are in love and mad for this person no matter what? My romance with Sam didn’t start because Fate decided that it would be time for us to be together, but because I chose it and it all started because of a wonderful little thing called “Tinder”.

Even though, love worked for me through online dating, I’m not saying some people who have used tinder have had the same success I did.
Others actually find it hard to even get what they are looking for because these dating platforms although they are personal they also became the breeding ground for “Cat Fishes” and a vanity fair for people who have low self-esteem who depend on others just to feel better.
Dear readers, the final question I shall pose unto you is… Has online dating become the new revolutionary way for you to find love? Or is it simply distracting you from what is in front of you?


So You Wanna Be A Writer: 10 To-Do’s From A Sociopath

Dear World Please Kill Me,   Hello all you sons of Mars, daughters of Venus, and queers of Uranus (no offense intended, I just wanted to include everyone.  #sendingpositivevibes.) So I figured…

Source: So You Wanna Be A Writer: 10 To-Do’s From A Sociopath

Dear Hypocrites

You’re too FAT
You’re too THIN
You’re too QUIET
You’re too SMART
You’re too SLUTTY
You’re too SNOBBY
Your nose is too FLAT
Your breasts are FAKE
Your mouth is too BIG

In other words, I have two words for everyone who is increasingly judgmental of others. * FUCK YOU*
And who are you to judge?
Did the fucking man in the sky, bless your “wonderful” self with infinite perfections?

I MEAN SERIOUSLY? This world is already shitty enough without you being a complete dick, thank you very much.


Everlasting Peace


O death one rocked Anne Boleyn to sleep

But who would sooth my brow once it comes to me?

Death’s cold hands reached out beseechingly;

A smile crept on my lips as my fingers reached out to touch his.

My breath escaping me, the sooner he comes.

Relief arrives like a bright glow of light, as fear ebbs away

Death smiles and he takes my breath away.

Carrying me over sundry pastures and heavenly skies.

No fear is visible, just divine peace.

Dante’s Purgatory – Love Gone Wrong/ Love Redeemed

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Meat Pie, Anyone? The True Story of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The Chirurgeon's Apprentice

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