Run the World! awesome places!

The most awesome Place for me in the Entire world is Siena, Italia it’s absolutely as the Italians would say Magnifico!

I savored a taste of this country years back when my Dad took me to Italy as a child It was a  museum, Beautiful majestic and said to be protected by the Virgin Mary

Every year this City hosts one of the most oldest traditions in Italy, they Host the Palio (the Horse race against each Contrada or Contrade in english).  meaning it’s a City within a city

Siena capitale is divided into neighborhoods such as for example the Contrada of the Owl, Eagle and many others and each baby that was born every year in their own contrade where baptized as members of each Contrade for examples

The Contrada of Aquila(Eagles) baptizes their babies in a fountain in the very heart of their neighborhood, Once they are baptized they are now called as picolo Aquilas. That is not only the most exciting thing about Siena though there are more to come.

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