Siena, The True Home of Romeo and Juliet

Siena is known to be as the Place where Romeo and Juliet really started! trust me I was so surprised too! turns out Shakespeare the Bard Fooled us into thinking that Verona was the place to be even though it wasn’t! I found out when I read the book Juliet By Anne Fortier(I recommend this book to book worms everywhere since IT’s a damn GOOD book) I googled it and I found out some Guy named Salernitano actually based it of a real story that happened during the 13th-14th century before the Bubonic plague. In truth the story of Romeo and Juliet wasn’t that Bloody it was just unbelievably sad because Juliet was alone forever..OOPS I said too much! Siena this beautiful place deserves to be protected by the Virgin Mary because of it’s incredibly rich History



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