You Can’t Go to Siena without Eating the Real ITALIAN WAY!

I remember when I went to Siena, Me and my Dad stayed at my aunt’s place near the Owl Contrada one thing you should know about Siena, they serve Italian food but most Contrades serve it differently haha! it’s like whenever you go to a different part of the City you notice some small differences but the very big difference is how they serve their Food!

Vegetable Ribolita Soup is one of my favorite dishes I 1st had it near the Hotel Chiuraselli where most of the people where eating while walking (No wonder italians are so slim!)

The cafe that we ate at served delicious 50 year old wine that suited our palette but in some cases like my Father’s he and His business partners went to eat in this classy italian restaurant he didn’t realize that they Should have never eaten Because OMG They served a full 10 course meal that would’ve been preferable if you didn’t eat for 4 days! =))



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