The most Horrible DAY coming from a boyfriend. And he says he loves you.

So today started out as a real fun day. 1st I got the highest score in my oral communications class for memorizing a speech with (according to my professor was amazing) His exact words were ” Abso-Fucking-lutely 40″ It reminded me of what Mr. Big said in Sex and the city when Carrie asked if he has ever been in love. and even though it didn’t apply to that similar situation it was quite a phrase that sounded so awesome coming from my professor but after that eventful morning all I could say after was..


My day totally imploded into catastrophe because of guess what? my boyfriend! and to think boyfriends were supposed to understand you especially if it was someone who was 3 years your senior (he’s 20) and yet he acts like an immature child forcing himself to be a man. Now I started thinking are men really that immature? and If so why are they acting like spoiled brats? being needy in a relationship isn’t wrong but there’s a definition of it being too much, sure a girl likes a man who shows his emotions but my god. don’t be the woman in the relationship! I know all of us have our baggage but you know what? those are baggage that we really don’t need and I don’t get why some people hold on to it so tightly they won’t let go no matter how hard you force them. Call me cold hearted or whatever you want but really think logically in a relationship don’t  let your heart control everything about you in this relationship. believe me you do not want to be undermined in a relationship where nearly everything is so one sided. and when I say one sided I mean EVERYTHING.

The SEX comes with a price he won’t go down on you unless you force him too ” He claims he has never learned how to go down on a girl when come on ( YOU SLEPT WITH 17 WOMEN! i’m not counting myself as a part of this because It’s HORRIBLE and you just gave out a down right lie and you think I still want to have SEX with you?!).

The intellectual conversations aren’t even there! you bore me terribly! that explains the dead air whenever we try to have a decent conversation ” I would say something like You know Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorced” you would  just be like “OK” most stupid thing you could ever say to me was ” What can I say to that?” are you deaf? I’m trying to start an interesting conversation where we won’t KILL each other get it?.

You COMPARE what I do now to my past DEEDS seriously would you rather that I just be a party girl again?the female version of what you were before? you want me to still get into trouble and be hated by my dad and siblings? aren’t you so fucking FULL of SHIT. you say you understand me yet you hate my opinions you don’t respect it! you think I’m wrong when I know I am just giving my OPINION nothing wrong with that.


Why Couldn’t you understand that I was trying to change my image? I’m no longer a party girl yet you expect too much from me! When will you learn that you can’t just do that to me!


BAD DAY I gotta say I hate you.


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