The Pretty Peplum

Ah, the Peplum.. centuries ago fashionable Victorian women wore their coats and their skirts with this fashionable overskirt as a part of their attire for purely decorative purposes and to make a fashion statement. Now that the Peplum is back it’s redefined into fashionable prints and pastels for the short skirt we love today. it also gives us ladies the illusion of a waist if ( a. you are a skinny b. if you want to be a bit unique and c. if you want to feel like a princess) nothing wrong with that=) so if You want to make this skirt your own wear it with whatever unique accessory you have and a nice funky top. I’d probably wear my peplum skirt with a Union jack/Us stars top, a nice vintage leather jacket(I do love leather;)]  and some strappy heels or some awesome ankle booties;) I swear one of these days i’ll upload my pics=)) but for now descriptions and your imagination going wild.


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