Me want.. You want?


China Glaze Capitol Colors: Dress Me Up,Foie Gras,Fast Track,Hook and Line,Stone Cold, Smoke and Ashes,Agro,Mahogany Magic,Harvest Moon,Riveting,Electrify,Luxe and Lush. Thanks to China Glaze we can finally have a piece of the Hunger Games glamour and I am one of those people who are itching to get all of these. I only have 3 of them(planning to get all of them when I get back to the US)  Hoping for a little shopping trip in L.A can’t wait to get back in september. Books, clothes, Shoes, Art is something I look forward to plus my internship hunting and road trip to Napa Valley YAY! sorry just so excited. BUY China Glaze cause they are awesome (that’s all folks)

2 thoughts on “Me want.. You want?

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