A Singleton’s Point of View.

Have you ever been invited as the third wheel on a date between your 2 best friends who just happened to be going out? cause this happened to me more than once and this probably happened to millions of people also. don’t you just get irritated when they ask you to go with them,saying”come with us, it will be fun.” but their definition of fun means kissing,possibly fondling, being all gushy with each other, while you are left alone, looking away from all their nauseating loving. but then again you can’t help but look and the more you look you get irritated, then you find yourself thinking ” I hate being single” and finally you find yourself wishing that you had a boyfriend.


Once you get a boyfriend though,things just start going crazy there is the feeling that you can’t have your privacy time anymore, then there are the  phone calls that at 1st were cute and adoring but now you think “Why the hell can’t he leave you alone.” and finally the thing that started it all : the CONSTANT fighting. sure fights are normal in a relationship but then it’s not normal if you fight almost everyday in a span of 2-3 weeks. You’re a masochist if you can take all of that crap from one person for more than a month.  I know it’s a bit harsh of me to say this but this is coming from my point of view since I’ve been in this sort of relationship and I can tell you it’s not something you should indulge in. Sometimes it is better to be single because you can have nothing to worry about other than the relationship that you have with yourself and believe me we should all love ourselves before we love anyone else because that’s the greatest achievement you would be able to do for yourself.


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