To all the Bridgets.

So I had this sudden urge to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary tonight even though I know that I have an early morning class tomorrow(Yes it sucks I know), Anyway I can’t explain why I wanted to watch it out of the blue maybe because I can relate to her situation? or maybe it’s the fact that the gorgeous Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are british? ( I think I have a thing for English men, It’s a sickness really.)


As of right now I am eating cereal that went all soggy due to my forgetfulness because this movie just captured all of my attention again, then I had a realization that we are all like Bridget Jones in a way,we all go through the same problems she went through, regardless of whatever age we may be ( all these problems don’t just happen when you are at the age of 30) we go down the same road she did when it comes to men,love and everything in between.  Bridget has trouble with men (don’t we all?) Don’t you just hate it that we have to go through this long road until we get the right person who can really love of us for who we are?  We go through the megalomaniacs, the perverts, the jerks,the alcoholics, the drama kings and the cry babies for a reason. and I think we all know what that reason is: we have to grow for the right person. But damn the pain it comes along with, We pretty ourselves up for men, we go to salons before a big date and we take the time and effort to pick out the perfect dress but sometimes those little sacrifices you made will be nothing if you found the guy out to be a total wanker. It would be much more hurtful to be with a wanker than be by yourself. it’s one of those little things we all have to know. But what do you do when you’re torn between 2 men? that happened to me before and I must say it isn’t the most agreeable experience to go through because someone will always get hurt no matter which side you look at it from. there we go again, I’m ranting but I can’t help it I just feel like I want to get all of these complicated things out of me before I burst, I just don’t get men they say they love you but they hurt you, Why is that me and everyone I love pick people who don’t give 2 fucks about what we feel.In my experience during my couple of years on this world I experienced a turmoil of pain that men and women alike have given to me. I felt alone during my short life time. It is difficult to say what I’m feeling right now, I know I’m supposed to talk about Bridget Jones but well I got a bit tired from writing about Bridget and I honestly just want to lie down and say

Fuck men and the bullshit in the world



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