The confessions of a Confused female.

Why are girls so confusing? that’s what men usually ask their female best friends, then we would retaliate and say “we’re not confusing,men are.” but in truth people from the opposite sex are confusing. Men think women are needy and clingy but in truth NOT ALL OF US are like that. there are some women who can hold their own in a relationship but I don’t think some men like that especially those who are chauvinistic bastards ( PS I know some guys like that: LADIES be warned STEER CLEAR from them). but men also have their troubles with women ,especially if they meet the crazy, needy (maybe Bi-Polar),jealous type. but anyway a lot of relationships are complicated and sometimes I wonder why can’t it be so simple? why can’t there be any peace of mind through out the relationship and finally Why can’t everyone just stay the way they were before the relationship started? there are a lot of cases when the significant other of this person changes his/her personality out of nowhere and I would just like to ask “Why the fuck does that happen?.”

I don’t get why some people still stick around in a relationship when there is no point anymore. that has happened to me more than once, I tried working things out with my ex but then it just ended up back firing on me because he was still the same bastard that he was before, he would tell me that he loved me, but really do you call the person you love a “BITCH” just because of a small mistake, now I have to admit I was a masochist by trying hard with him after that. I don’t honestly know if I really loved him or did  I just feel guilty because I owed him. up until today I have no idea,maybe one day I’ll know but not now because I’m trying to figure that out myself. I’m a bit frustrated with my own present relationship (since that’s what I mostly blog about) it is so hard to love someone who did a lot more fucked up shit than you, I know I shouldn’t judge but it really hurts to know(not that I am being totally emotional about it) but love can definitely kick you in the arse and I just don’t see why I always get stuck in this situation and just let it happen..


hand me some spliff.=))

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