Olympic Sweetness

I hope people don’t mind if I rant about something that is so random =))So there’s this friend of mine right? and honest to god he is so fucking sweet. we haven’t talked in awhile because he’s been busy but finally we started talking again during the day of the Olympic opening ceremony in London. Obviously I wasn’t able to watch it live (like the rest of us) but he did something awesome and and like I said sweet. I know he’s been busy because of the olympics and the fact that he’s one of the coordinators is so awesome since he gets to see the athletes live(UGH JEALOUS but so proud of him)and to overlook everything but anyway let me get straight to the point right? haha he told me that he missed me even though he’s been snowed under with olympic stuff(jealous still) then the sweetest thing he asked if I was watching the ceremony and I told him that I am.. then finally he said I’ll give you a wave and I was blushing like a mad fool here! honestly I rarely blush that really got me OMG because it was so sweet and he sent me this picture of the olympics opening ceremony from his point of view and I have to say I am mad jealous of Image

his area because as you can see he is THAT CLOSE to everything I know I seem like a groupie but I’m not i’m just overcome with joy at the fact that he actually did give me a wave even though the camera might’ve not seen it it’s still sweet and I know all of you probably would think that I probably like him which is not true? but I don’t know it’s one of the sweetest thing anyone has done for me and I am so proud that he did quite an amazing job with this prestigious event. here we are again I know I’m ranting but I can’t really get over it=))

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