The rants and the truths of the girl who chased rabbits.

WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING SWEET?! I HATE IT.I’ve been blushing like a school girl here because there is an awesome person who likes me (I think). I know this is totally random (again I know) my mind can’t stop thinking about it. but how is it possible that this guy is getting underneath my skin? it’s not possible. Remember when I posted about Olympic Sweetness? well this is related to that and I must say It’s better than that. So the same guy and I started talking again and he took another picture for me, A wonderful view of the TEAM USA vs FRANCE match up last night when the Americans beat the French(YAY! GO TEAM USA) I was just so surprised that he sent me a picture of it while the game was going on, I have to say I was incredibly jealous of him (but aren’t we all jealous of people who are at the olympics right now?) So we started talking about some random stuff how he should take a picture of himself for me and how awesome I think USA was even though he thinks USA is ridiculous except for Lebron ( he’s English haha) then finally I found out he broke up with his gf ages ago( LONG STORY  i’ll tell you all soon) then I was so surprised that he actually went through with it ,that my words were WTF why didn’t you tell me? and he said I thought I knew.


well to get to the juicy bit is that I asked If he still liked me and does he feel different about it and he told me he hasn’t even though he’s been snowed in with Olympic stuff ( which I completely understand.. he still has the time to say words to me) and I for one was well happy I think? I was joking with him and yes I admit to missing his cockiness and he misses my arguments. But honestly I don’t know what to think, he’s so sweet I just can’t fucking think. I know I should still be thinking logically and my heart shouldn’t be affected but he gets under my skin and he’s been like this for more than 3 months hasn’t given up on me apparently which is ridiculously sweet, been a friend for me when I needed him,and most importantly was there for me all the way is this even right what I’m feeling? whenever we talk we don’t ever sleep (despite our time differences) and finally the part that he doesn’t get bored of me. he always finds time to talk to me and the fact that he can stimulate my mind is great (I love having debates) and I know I shouldn’t be so open about this but I can’t help it I am so FUCKING CONFUSED. I just need to get this off my chest,because I’m sure someone would give me advice of sorts but honestly I don’t know what advice i’ll follow.



AH fuck the woes about the BS of relationships and love.


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