Who is Alice… let’s dig a little deeper.

Have you ever wondered who is Alice(me)? well here’s more information about me, I was on fashiolista and I saw my old profile.. damn I miss it and my 50 followers too! I think Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port followed me before (DAMN IT) I’m getting back my street cred! xxx read more about Little […]

My style: a little insight on me yes?

    So I was browsing through blogs today and well there’s this blog that caught my attention, she has quite a good fashion blog and well when I saw this style quiz on her page.. I just had to take it. my style’s apparently Romantic, Feminine and Creative, which it got right! even the […]

The List

Who thinks Dramione fanfics are cute? I do!, For the past few days I have been re- living an old habit of mine: reading Dramione fanfics, because 1: had a huge crush on Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton since Harry Potter 1st premiered in the movies and 2: the story lines are so cliched, but DAMN I […]

A reminder to myself and all the girls out there.

    don’t ever lose your V-card, especially to the wrong guy and If you lost it don’t do it again til you’re ready and if the guy’s a sex freak and claims he’s good without protection tell him to FUCK OFF.   and remember if you succeed on doing this give yourself a pat […]

fabulous looks or fabulous trends (can’t really decide)

Make up, the puuurr-fect invention mankind has ever created, blossomed into a necessity in the life of women (and some men) over the years,Make up has evolved,creating different hues and angles to enhance the natural beauty of the human body, this season, make up artists of today took a time machine years back,bringing back vintage […]