For the love of ART!

After I read about the Tudors in a book series by Carolyn Meyer back in 2008 I became obsessed with researching every single detail about them ( I technically know every single detail about the Tudors ) from the death of the 2 princes in the tower to the coronation of James VI and I still find them quite fascinating until now. So when I was browsing for some pictures of Anne Boleyn(my favorite Queen of all) I saw this painting by an Artist named Mark Satchwill back then and It took me ages before I decided to look for his work again. And I have to say he is quite the artist, using more than just watercolour to portray his works. I loved the way he portrayed Anne Boleyn because it seems more fitting to her description because I always thought of her as the beauty among all of Henry’s 6 Queens ( maybe excluding Catherine Howard) so anyway here are Mark Satchwill’s most beautiful works(in my opinion at least)




Please Visit his site he is such a good artist! Plus I would really want him to paint my portrait( if i ever meet him and when I ever have enough money)=))


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