Don’t think about buying it.. just BUY it.




I was browsing clothes on etsy and I found this! It’s the versatile wrap dress/cardigan, you can wear it anyway you want as shown in the pictures plus it’s available in different colors and it is also the ideal maternity wear for the glamorous “mama to be” because it can accomodate the baby bump growing through the stages of pregnancy. Mireia Solsona sells these convertible clothes in Barcelona through etsy and I thank god that she does because these are the sort of clothes women should buy,It is practical,stylish and a total money saver (you will never be an outfit repeater!) so go ahead buy from her she sells it for $52 USD it’s totally worth it trust me.

PITÓ is a convertible dress shirt, designed with comfort in mind and can be worn for any occasion. It’s the ideal maternity wear for pregnant women, because it can be adapted to suit the various stages of pregnancy. This garment allows many different possibilities, wrapping around the body achieving different results. The brooch complement helps fasten the dress into different styles and comes in a variety of many colours.

You can find more ideas and ways to wear it in and watch our “how to wear” videos in

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