Dear Men,from Alice.

I am so sorry I haven’t been on my blog as much, It’s just that I’ve been worried about a lot of  things and I lacked inspiration to write because of my depression even though I was meaning to write, but well I couldn’t find the will too, so now that I’m back, let’s talk about men. ( BECAUSE YET AGAIN I had the bad luck to come across a horrible one).

Now if you are wondering what made me write this topic about MEN,you have to ask yourself, as a woman: Why are they so complex? Why do they hurt us? it’s like the minute you spread your legs for them,they leave you hanging in the air.and it hurts damn it! I just don’t understand them,they say they are not complex but they are, Do they get a thrill from leaving girls with broken hearts? its so confusing for me, and I feel like crying because of it. no matter how many times you end up with a guy who may say he wouldn’t hurt you but he ends up doing it anyway and I know I sound like a typical teenage girl right now(which I am technically) but it just puts me off that men can do this to women without feeling a thing. it’s like they have no emotions when it comes to women because they think that a woman is just another dime in a dozen which of course is not true. Now what men need to understand is that women are not the same, that we may have the same habits but no 2 women are alike and I think it is about time men see that.Women are not just there for a good fuck. We are here for the same reason men are, To live life to the fullest without any regrets. no matter how many mistakes we made, we shouldn’t let men put such a handle on our lives. the other day I got together with this guy, I thought he was perfect because I’ve known him for quite sometime (this is the guy I blogged about before) but then the minute he saw me naked on the night we finally got together as bf and gf (even though it was only for a trial week I: I wanted to see what he was like as a bf 1st before I officially got together with him) a day after he hasn’t talked me at all even though he said he would and look what happened he hasn’t talked to me and it’s already Saturday for me. Some boy friend right? Now I realize that Sam from SATC was right, “Men can still leave you, even after the  1st date” and she was right, and there is proof to support that statement, Just look at J.Lo and Mark Anthony, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. but yet they manage to find love for themselves that they think are real.  And I thought this guy who liked me was real.he seemed like it, but it just pisses me  off that this guy made me open up and then he magically crushed my trust by leaving me high and dry after trying to have sex with me. and I just thought he was real. that he liked me for everything I am, not just for my body and I guess I was a fool enough to believe him.  I wonder when will I ever get a decent guy in my life, who is not a megalomaniac,pervert,wanker,jerk,chauvinist and arsehole, When will I get the Mr. Darcy in my life? he can be quiet and sweet but love me for the way I am. He doesn’t have to be Mr. cool or swag, he could just be witty,funny and adorkable and that’s what I want. not an arse like my previous guys, they all remind me of Daniel Cleaver. and I wish they could just stay the fuck away.




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