Matches and Men.

Have you ever met someone who has a huge ego? Because I think I talked to one last night. I’m not telling you his real name though but my god he has a huge ego (I’m not speaking sexually) but alright let’s get straight to the point. I talked to this guy for the 1st time last night, we were having a chill time just talking about ourselves and the random bullshit we did before, Then things got interesting when he told me about the tattoo he got on his arse and OH GOD he actually wanted to show it to me, but being the lady that I am(really?) I didn’t want to see it. ( It was the 1st time I talked to him for fucks sake) but he was nice but the thing is he was terribly over confident especially when I told him I thought he was cute and it was true but it doesn’t mean that I like him and that’s where the funny part kicks in,he started telling me that he has a way to make me less attracted to him and I laughed,I told him that I didn’t like him that way at all, When I said he was cute I meant that in general and my Dear readers I shocked his pants off, he literally did a double take when I said that because all the girls he met instantly liked him and he said that British girls are easy to read and Americans are much more easier because they can be lured by their “charming accents”

Now I don’t know about you, but that is the most douchiest( is it even a word?) thing a guy has ever said to me,talk about over-confidence right?and since when does nationality play a part in love? it doesn’t matter if you’re English or  American all of us have different personalities and NOT ALL GIRLS are easy, Jeez,some girls actually use their minds and not just their hearts alright? and I honestly think men should get this in their system. because HELLO women aren’t easy alright and I think I schooled my guy friend on that topic because he was completely  dumbfounded by me and I honestly think its refreshing for him plus I think I may have deflated his ego a bit(which is good) because he should get it in his system that not all women will like him,especially if he carries on like that( I think that’s why he had bad relationships, but I dare not say it to his face)I’ve had my fill of English lads and the best I can say is that I am immune to their charms.(well some of it) but like I said nationality doesn’t play a part in the dating game other than it’s physical aspects and I honestly think I met my match last night, the fun part is who will win against who.

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