Lost and Never found.

Desperation does make a man do unspeakable things and I just experienced it 1st hand, today was easy and I was in such a good mood today even though I had to face my ex boyfriend about a certain guy.I got a Paul Smith bag,had an increase in my allowance from my dad and his good mood,then all of that changed when this motherfucker decided to steal my awesome phone(SHIT I STILL MISS IT) it was a dell streak 7 and it had everything on it my files,my music and oh bloody god my pictures, I really want to kill the guy who stole it but then I started to think why should I even want to kill him, that’s more of a bigger crime than thievery.

I always prided myself that I was always careful with my things, especially when I was traveling,I had pepper spray for fucks sake I just didn’t know he STOLE it from me but the man who sat next to me in the bus said that I should be thankful that he just stole my phone and not my life and that’s what my guy said to me also,on the interesting side though that man on the bus and I chatted for awhile,he felt nothing but sympathy for me and  he even treated my bus fare even though he didn’t have too,and my dad he didn’t get mad at all, he felt sympathy(and he should mind you) he lost 3 cellphones in 2 months, I personally don’t know he lost them, but like he said “Shit happens” and the next time something like that happens I should spray the Idiot who would decide to steal it and maybe punch him in the nose(that would be heaven) You know I just realized that it was like Karma that happened to me yesterday, the minute I decided to use my new Paul Smith bag,my phone gets lost.. It just proves you can’t always have everything and maybe all the things I did came back to me last night, which proves Karma is a bitch,more of  bitch than me(damn)


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