fabulous looks or fabulous trends (can’t really decide)

Make up, the puuurr-fect invention mankind has ever created, blossomed into a necessity in the life of women (and some men) over the years,Make up has evolved,creating different hues and angles to enhance the natural beauty of the human body, this season, make up artists of today took a time machine years back,bringing back vintage glamour and cinematics to the modern woman of today, creativity never stops when it comes to cosmetics and it will always keep moving forward with vintage looks to reinvent. now here are some of the glamorous and maybe outlandish looks you can experiment on you or your friends,maybe even your mum.




This is BLOODY brilliant, I don’t even know how they do it!



Since when have smoky eyes gone out of style?


Pops of color brighten up a nude face( not in a clown, prostitutey way, just don’t add too much might make you look like a poulet)


another Brilliant lipstick trend( it must take a lot of effort to do this, all I do is apply one shade and I’m done, wouldn’t hurt to try this though)


Doll lashes (YAY) now we can add just a tiny bit more ( no harm in that) who doesn’t want to look like a doll?



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