The List

Who thinks Dramione fanfics are cute? I do!, For the past few days I have been re- living an old habit of mine: reading Dramione fanfics, because 1: had a huge crush on Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton since Harry Potter 1st premiered in the movies and 2: the story lines are so cliched, but DAMN I love it, its the romantic side of me causing me to read delicious tales of their “fictional love”, storylines like the Gryffindor Princess and the Slytherin Prince falling for one another is adorkable, it can be the classic nice girl turns bad boy into good boy story, or the sexual lust turned love spin with a dark twist, but no matter how the writer portrays his tale it will always keep us going even though it didn’t happen in the movies,it seemed likely that it would , Remember when J.K Rowling said that Draco may have had a small crush on Hermione? or that the actress playing Hermione(Emma Watson) really had a crush on Draco(Tom Felton)? but enough of that let me present to you the best DRAMIONE fanfictions ever written(in my opinion,at least).


1.Facing Fate by Secret Passion

Hermione Granger returns to hogwarts changed by the war with a new respect for life and love. Draco Malfoy returns to hogwarts changed by the war with new plans and chance to be himself.
Every Juliet needs a Romeo……
Maybe it is time they faced up to their fate….


2. 11 Children by Beautybelle14

When Hermione comes back to Hogwarts for her 7th year, she thinks everything will be normal since Voldemort’s gone. She was wrong. During Dumbledore speech, 11 Children ranging from ages 2 to 17 from the future appear out of nowhere. One of these “children” is Teddy Lupin, three children are Harry’s, two are Ron’s, two are Ginny’s, and three are her’s. But wait, who’s the daddy? It happens to be a certain blonde slytherin. Yeah this is going to be one crazy year.


3.Beautiful Tonight by Laura_Potterhead

Hermione Granger. Saviour of the Wizarding World and many people’s lives. But can she save her own? Stuck in an abusive relationship, she sees no way out. Until her prince arrives in the form of a blonde haired ex death eater. Can Draco Malfoy save her from her doomed relationship and make her believe in herself again?



4.Unforgiven by I_trusted_Snape13

As Ronald Weasley’s infidelity comes back to haunt him, his fiance Hermione Granger doesn’t just ‘forgive and forget’. She gets her self in to hot water with an ex-death eater from her school days. After all, enemies can make the very best of allies.



5.The Art of Seduction by hp77fanactic

When Hermione Granger returns for her final year at Hogwarts as Head Girl she’s armed with a new weapon – a book titled The Art of Seduction, a mysterious gift left without a sender’s name on her front step. With the war looming closer she begins her own assault on the hearts of the boys around her. But one in particular, Draco Malfoy, will be her greatest conquest if she succeeds. And who doesn’t want to win that ultimate prize?



6. A Dragon’s Feast by spiffitiffi

One of my 1st loves into the Dramione fanship shame it wasn’t continued anymore.


7. Nobody’s Girl by Archica

Alternate Universe fic where all Muggles are dead and Mudbloods are slaves. What happens when Hermione becomes the slave of Draco Malfoy?



8.The Bracelet by AkashaTheKitty

Sick of how Hermione always thinks she knows everything, Draco proposes a bet. The winner will get to order around their most hated enemy for a month. Everything is at stake, but winning has its price.



9.What the Room Requires by Alydia Rackham

Hermione is the one who finds Draco weeping in the bathroom. He flees. She chases him into the Room of Requirement, and the room forces them to face their greatest fears together in order to find the door.



10. Seducing Mr. Malfoy by Tina Redwood

Hermione makes a bet that she can get laid by Draco Malfoy within a month. Ridiculously funny things happen. SMUTTY. HILARIOUS. Hermione/Draco, COMPLETE.

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