Who is Alice… let’s dig a little deeper.

Have you ever wondered who is Alice(me)? well here’s more information about me, I was on fashiolista and I saw my old profile.. damn I miss it and my 50 followers too! I think Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port followed me before (DAMN IT) I’m getting back my street cred! xxx read more about Little miss alice aka Moi.

“I’m a 17 yr old fashion maven whose passions in life are fueled by (of course fashion),literature,culture,art and refined elegance I absolutely adore Coco Chanel (Idol) and everything haute couture,I’m laid back and completely chilled you can either find me buried with my nose in a new york times best seller book,shopping in vintage or high end luxury stores like a cat on her hunt for new addictions and finally you can find me sitting inside a quiet little cafe that serves hot chocolate with a sketch book and pencils in hand imagining whimsical little outfits that would go well with the mood i’m in.my style is a unique combination of punk,flowers,vintage,glam,and relaxed so don’t be surprised if i pick out a white dress with black doc martens and lots of bangles piled on one arm.i like how i can make my clothes stand out by adding a touch of my own.”

Could I describe myself or what!=))) xoxo


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