Chat rooms?

Has anyone ever been to an online chat room? cause I will admit to you that I have and since you don’t know my name or what I look like, It’s easier to say it without anyone reacting like this “Why are you on there?” ” OMG  PERVS are the only ones who go on chat rooms” and finally “People who go on those chat rooms either have no life or can’t get laid”. I would just like to clarify that YES there are perverts in chat rooms but there are also some decent people in chat who are just looking for decent conversations and friendships that the brazen creepers are just a tiny distraction that can easily be blocked, As for the last part you can say that some of the people who go on there are bad weirdos but some of the people who are on chat rooms are nice and YES they do have lives to live in the real world, If you are going to ask how I know this I decided to experiment on trying out Teenage chat rooms to see what is it all about and the minute I got on imagine my surprise when I saw someone messaging me instantly his 1st question was “ASL” and I was immediately put off by it, I mean come on Not even a greeting? that’s a bit rude so I decided to be cheeky by telling this older man/teen/ girl “is my name not enough to tell you that I’m a girl?” and after several incidents of perverts plus bad weirdos, Someone actually decent talked to me(but I’m not giving out his name or any of their identities for that matter) he was nice, a good person to talk too and then I met another cool person this time she has potential to be one of my new best friends, We instantly clicked because that one we were the only americana girls in that British chat room plus we had the same interests and reason why we were there : to find out how people from other countries are and what is it like in a chat room and damn were we surprised we were like a minority group there most of the people on the chat were all English. ( not that I have anything against English people love them to bits)

Now do you see why I went on that chat room? Not all people who go on chat rooms are bad weirdos since there actually some awesome people on there. If I didn’t go on that chat room I wouldn’t have met my new friends which would’ve sucked since now I can’t imagine not talking to them, Not to say that you shouldn’t be careful, I’m only talking about two of the sunny sides when it comes to chatting, there are others of course but I just don’t remember them at all bottom line is be careful, block perverts and weirdos and if you were me you would think of some snappy come back then block em. I think that’s what happened to my ex, Yeah people I’m single but I don’t really give a shit if I’m not taken boys/men are complicated beings with maybe a few mental dysfunctions, So darling enough of that and just enjoy life shall we?


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