A letter for Mother.

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.  ~Honoré de Balzac


Dear readers, I would like to take this time to write about my mother on her very special day just like what nearly everyone in the world, Our Mothers are special, they are loving,kind and so sweet they sacrificed a lot for us the minute we were conceived in their wombs, My mother is one of those ladies, Even though she is so far away from us, Deep down in our hearts we always long for her presence, She’s been gone for a couple of years already, living her life in California, where she is trying to be a good mother to us from afar even though she does have a lot on her plate right now, her work and the fact that she has 3 teenage kids who grew up when she was gone, But I would tell you this our Mom tries hard to be involved in our lives as much as possible, she loves knowing what we are up to whether they may be trivial or completely nonsensical and she tries to be in good relations with our father which is good, considering the fact that they have been separated for so long they might as well be in good terms with each other, Our mother misses us and we miss her a lot, the only time that we ever got to spend some real quality time together was when we were in L.A during my junior year in High School, and we cried a lot when we parted ways, even though we didn’t want to leave, she’s incredibly positive though, she talks to us like a friend even though she may be our mom, She’s always looking out for us even if we make silly little mistakes, She knows how to forgive and one thing you should know about my mother is that she wasn’t always like this but she changed a lot, she accepts the fact that we are no longer her little babies but her semi-young kids who are on their way to adulthood and I doubt she would cease to be a great presence in our lives, All our parents have faults and mine aren’t certainly counted out of that, but they do try to be good even though they make mistakes, they remind us that we should try to avoid these mishaps that can happen to us if we aren’t careful, and that is what my mother does ( even my dad does it as well) They want us to have brilliant shining futures and that is the greatest reward any child in the world can give to their parents, I want to make my Mother and Father proud, they deserve it after all that they have been through and I’m not the only who thinks that way, but our Mothers deserves a special reward, We should reward her with the fact that she has the best children in the world and trust me any mom would be happy knowing that her children grew up in a fine way, but enough of that I want to wish my mother a happy birthday and to hope that she has the sweetest birthday ever knowing that her children think of her and miss her kisses, hugs and presence in the house.



Ever Yours,

Your Daughter



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