If you are wondering why my last 2 posts have hints of The Perks of being a Wallflower, it’s because I finally read the book, Now don’t say ” Wow you are so late” or ” I read that ages ago” because I don’t care if you picked it up earlier than I did, The truth is I heard of ” The Perks of being a Wallflower” 4 years ago, I just never got around to reading it because I felt like it wasn’t my type of genre,I am Scifi,fantasy,drama,history,romance,comedy,crime,thriller and horror kind of book lover.

Coming of age stories like “Perks” and “The Catcher in The Rye” never appealed to me since I grew up reading books that had themes relating to fantasy worlds that enhanced my imagination, So you can understand how difficult it is for me to get into reading coming of age stories and I’m going to tell you how I got in to it, It started months ago when I 1st grabbed my aunt’s battered copy of Bridget Jones’s Diary, I watched the movie years ago, but I wanted to see what it was like before it was made into a movie of romantic proportions and Renee Zellweger’s proper English accent, How does this relate to me reading “Perks”? Well Bridget Jones woke me up from my fantasy realm and into the somewhat real world of reality according to Bridget (at least),  after reading it and its sequel,I went to look at more books in my bookcases and there I found “The Catcher in The Rye” by J.D Salinger so I decided to read it even though I knew it was a coming of age story about a boy who may or may not have a mental dysfunction of some sort, I wasn’t captivated by it easily but it was my determination to finish every single book that I decided to open and “Catcher” was no different, It was the same determination that wanted to drive me to understand and finish this book but when I got to know the character in each chapter that I read about him and his adventures it started to win me over then by the time I finished it I became obsessed  with reading every single analysis that other people can give to me about the author,his book and whether there’s a movie out or not(call it cheesy of me to google that I don’t care) that’s what happened with “Perks” but in a different setting, I bought “Perks” 2 days ago,finished it in the same day as well, truth be told I find myself relating to Charlie on some aspects about growing up, I remember going out on my 1st date, trying out my 1st cigarette, having mischievous friends and just being a teenager, It was such a roller coaster ride for me that when I finished the book, I felt rather wistful and sort of drunk on loneliness, I don’t know why I felt so lonely though, Do you ever get that feeling? it overwhelmed me and made me do something incredibly stupid, I might tell you in a bit when I feel like it, because I can’t seem to get a hold on my feelings right now,the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now is writing this blog post and some helpful people talking to me, I know I should be writing about “Perks” but isn’t this very “Charlie-esque” of me? You may or not care about what I write or about what  I think but it’s fun to just jot this down and stop thinking about things so much maybe that’s why I feel suddenly alone, I really don’t like it, but all of us goes through this and even Charlie does too, because he would write whatever he felt to an unknown friend because he feels alone even though he has everyone, He wants to burst just like me, I want to scream so loudly that whatever weight is on my shoulders would just shake itself off out of fright and don’t we all wish that would happen?





2 thoughts on ““Perks”

  1. I haven’t read “Perks” yet. You should look into “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.” It describes the Dominican Republic in terms of a fantasy world, and the protagonist is an adolescent obsessed with sci fi/fantasy, so even though it’s a literary novel it kind of serves both worlds

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