Mumble Tumble and Ramble Alice.

Have you ever wondered who writes these blog posts that you read? Doesn’t your mind ever think about the question “Who is Alice”?, Remember when I told all of you on a post before that what I wanted to do with this blog is to write about what I feel without anyone not knowing my physical identity and I succeeded in that, I want to tell you a little secret about me, My name isn’t Alice, it’s something entirely different, I like calling myself Alice because of my brother and how does he fit in to this? my brother coined the name Alice, I remember him telling me that I was like Alice Liddell from the game Alice Madness, he told me that there’s a point in life that I end up acting out like in Hysteria mode, that I become crazy when something bad happens to me, and that is true, It may not be a good comparison but It got me into thinking about it as a fun name for a blog or a username in a lousy chat room. When I think about the name Alice, I think about hallucinations,magic and weird things that make you want to be unique, You people are so nice, Since all of you actually think that what I write is worth reading, I want to say thank you to all of the people who view me, Honestly I had a big gift planned for all of you, I was planning on showing who “Alice” really is, because everyone has the write to know a person if they really want too, I’m not ditzy but I can be very narcissistic at times I can be honest but I have a tendency to lie, I’m not an angel nor am I a sinner, I want so many good things to happen to me and everyone else around me but I can’t seem to do some things right, I know I am saying a lot but it is the truth, these are not just the ramblings of a teenager, because to be honest with you I’m trying to separate myself from that image since I’ve had that image for so long that the drugs, parties and the alcohol lost its allure to me.

I always end up thinking why didn’t I just post a picture of me on my blog, people would visit more and maybe I’ll gain a few more subscribers but if I do that, people would probably judge me  and the people who tried to ruin me might find me online just like what they did before,I’m not afraid to admit that I was a victim of some trouble that was caused by my own foolishness, I used to think everyone is nice and wouldn’t hurt me but that changed when I got older, I became more cautious to the point that I shut myself down from other people, I only trust a few of my friends who I think would never betray me, I would like to say that I have seen it all, but no I haven’t I’ve only seen life from a teenager’s life and it gets weary, I used to think I want to be older but now I wish life could slow down just a little bit,because Alice can only keep up with so much.



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