Hitting the “Adult” Stage.

When did turning 18 become such a big deal? Did God decide that the 18th year of one’s life should be a remarkable event? Was it set during traditional times that living after 17 years is the time when you are now considered an adult? I beg to differ though, being 18 still means you are a teenager but on the verge of becoming a real adult, where you will start thinking of bills,jobs and paper work, by law 18 is the legal age for everything that a teenager always glamourized about, that’s fine if you are 17 and below, living on your parents’s money and your own trust fund but in truth it’s not all glammed out to be, Once you’re about to hit 18 like me you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I was one of the teenagers who used to glamourize about getting jobs and getting paid for my work but it’s difficult to even get both if you don’t try hard enough and I realize that now,After all the lectures my enduring and loving parents gave me about this, Now is the time I chose to really listen, My father wanted me to start early but I was irritated by it when I was 14 years old, but now that I’m on my way to 18 (a.k.a the supposed “ADULT” age) I should take life seriously, Don’t get me wrong I would really love to start working and stand on my own for once, I have been dreaming about that for far too long, but now that I’m near to grasping it, I find myself a bit scared that I’m about to embark on my own journey in the big,bad scary world. My Father tells me that I shouldn’t be afraid but there’s still that little chill that gets to my spine every now and then. I’m turning 18 on monday and I just decided to be a little less off a teen and more of an adult even though that might be a bit hard, I’m still scared that my parents( more likely my dad) will cut me off  when I hit 18, it’s a bit daunting but I have no other choice but to take the deep plunge and get it over with, the future is so unnerving and I should tell myself that I’m lucky if I made it to that age already because nowadays most kids my age do not, I know I sound so silly right now, but writing is the only way for me to express my emotions right now, It’s like I’m on a huge wave that just won’t stop and it really gives me the chills, One of these days I might tell my grandchildren (if  I ever had kids) the same thing my Father would say and they would probably say it exactly how I just said now and frankly I am wishing to God that I would make it to that age and nothing bad will happen (This is just me thinking positive) but in truth I can be a very pessimistic thinker, which I try hard to control, but then again I wish all of the people my age who has this similar fear and everyone else for sharing the same nerves that I have it just feels good to get it out of my chest before I burst and probably destroy what I worked so hard one with everything.



Big Kiss.

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