Random Framble

I apologize sincerely for my lack of posts these past days, I was busy with my so called 18th birthday,It was fun to be honest, I didn’t feel like I was 18 yet during my weekend, All  I know is I had a fun time with my friends in a nice hotel room where all of us got to really know each other, some of us kissed for the night, others just laid down, It was a fun night. I never thought of the impending time that in just a few short hours I would finally be considered legal, but during those bright early hours in the morning I started thinking about what my life has been like for the past 17 years,Has it been riddled with mistakes? YES. Has  it been fun? YES. but what did I gain from it? EXPERIENCE. I often regret the decisions I made while I was still in my early teens. I could’ve  changed the time when I had my 1st kiss or the time I decided to have a taste of alcohol on my lips. I wished I could go back in time but there is no possibility to that right now, Even though it is possible with the proper tools and innovative technology of the future. But I would probably be dead by the time that happened, It would be amazing if I had a grand daughter by that time, she would probably want to visit my past. I would do the same with my Grandmother I would want to know her past, My whole family past for that matter, I would want to see where it all began, But I would never change it, even though I am tempted that to make that happen I don’t think I have the heart to ruin everybody’s life by changing mine.  It is weird being up at 4 am in the morning, but I couldn’t sleep I’ll tell you why sooner than you might expect. it would be surprising and fun for me to see the looks on your faces but I can’t see them though which sucks. I’ve always wanted to know what those people who view my blog look like, and why do they visit my blog? can they relate to what I write? or do they simply find it prettily made?

I’ve always wanted to ask myself, facing the mirror ” what do you think of me?” and  to be truthful I have never done that, I was too afraid to ask myself that, because I might not even say it at all nor would I have allowed myself to think that I can answer that question myself. but I might as well try even though I know it would take a lot of work. let’s just stop right here.

this is making me babble I know

but I couldn’t help it.


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