“HANNAH BAKER” that name ought to ring some bells, if you have read 13 reasons why,then chances are you know who I am talking about, my 3 words for her are suicidal,depressed and incredibly complex. But the people who were around her refused to see that.but we did, those who read her story,who finished it with determination to know more about the secrets this fictional girl has to divulge,she may be a character but her experiences aren’t the ones that a writer cooked up in his head, it happens to us once in our lives and even though it happens only once it may take a long time until you finally realized the value of it. HANNAH did not see that, the more those things happened to her,she let it overwhelm her causing her to DIE.

It is true that being a teenager can make you want to die sometimes as quoted by Jenna from the show Awkward. But I don’t think those things should make you commit suicide, but then again I have been accused of thinking too much about life and maybe suicide would be my downfall if I ended up not letting it all out like HANNAH, Are you curious why I am writing about her? It is because I could relate to her, the high school drama that always happens never pushed me to the ultimate edge,even though the rumors ,the lies and the back stabbing hurt it didn’t really do a lot of damage, When it did hurt the most,I cried but after that I became tough,there was nothing I could do about the gossip spreading about me, Whenever I would hear whatever people said about me, I just laughed even though it wounds me, I do nothing to stop the rumors, I wouldn’t encourage my reputation, but that is what people think of me, I remember something incredibly ludicrous back then, There was a girl who spread quite a rumor about me when I was new in school, not a Virgin by the age of 12 honestly how thick can you get?I wanted to say “You don’t know me” that she was so low compared to me, I was raised properly and was taught not to pick fights but there are times I really want to break out and just go crazy, HANNAH felt that way she wanted to break out and she did in death. I wonder if I can break out, maybe I won’t maybe I will. I AM officially fucked up right now. I did something stupid i’ll tell you in a bit.

And darlings wouldn’t you be surprised.


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