The Chilean Sojourn

Claudio Bravo, the “Hyperrealist” as we call him possessed the virtue of a true master of his craft. his portraits especially the ones that were exhibited here showed how art can portray an important figure seem larger than the rest of life. His paintings made us see the glamour of old Manila, the 60s at its finest. with Manila’s society being painted for portraits that even rivaled the use of an SLR camera. Portraits back then showed how much money and rank you have. I think he used the women often because it would immortalize them as a legacy to their family never mind the fact that they want to immortalize themselves in their prime. Claudio painted powerful figures like the dictator President Ferdinand Marcos and magazine millionaire Malcolm Forbes in the height of their power. Claudio mostly used graphite and paper. IMAGINE just pencil and paper to create realistic portraits, How real can you get? Some of the expressions in the portraits notably the portraits of President Marcos, Imelda Cojuangco and Margarita Cojuangco were stern in a gentle sort of way the way he drew the ladies showed the optimism and innocence of the Philippines. Claudio is indeed a Hyperrealist.

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