Say hello to “Simpsonizing”


There I think I am,so I spent a few days painting this self portrait of mine,because I wanted to paint again since I have not had the chance to paint again in 4 years, why not practice right? I know it doesn’t look like me and it looks really childish  but I am really proud of the outlook, the reason why the skin is yellow is because there wasn’t any fleshy color in my medium that I could use and I forgot how to make flesh with 2 colors (am such a noob I know)  but once I painted yellow on the canvas I liked the way it looked, in fact I decided to call it “simpsonizing” after the Simpsons, my portrait could pass off as a Simpson character a4nd I thought “Wow that is so cool.” Now the materials I used where 5 things: a set of paint brushes in varying sizes,a Pebeo acrylic paint medium containing 18 different colors, a faber castell pencil with eraser and finally a 14 x 16 canvas that I have stored away in perfect condition. I began this process by sketching an outline of my face by taking out a picture of mine, I decided to change the expression because it was too difficult to sketch and finally after numerous erasures I finally decided to paint as seen here:


This photo I know I posted it before ( so to my followers don’t think I am repeating my stuff ,I am doing this for uni:p) this is to show how I started painting when I was satisfied with the outcome after so many nights of staying up late and eating 0%fat yogurt This is my “Simpsony” portrait.

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