It is time to RAMBLE and SCRAMBLE!

How to describe this day? Weird, fun, and scary? It is raining Cats and Dogs right now, being at home doesn’t do much for me since for the past weeks I have been going in and out of my bedroom,putting on new clothes everyday for the sake of looking well, going to plays,a musical,movie shoots,photo shoots, events and applying to Up With People( a fascinating organization I am about to tell you about in just a few moments). Did I tell you guys I watched the “Phantom Of the Opera”? I bet you saw the picture about my souvenirs from that night and up until now I can’t stop singing ” Think Of me” and “The Phantom of The Opera” . Like almost every single girl in the world I developed a crush on  or at least the actor who played him. ( Seriously.. he was just that handsome) Imagine Prince Charming having a lot more balls than he ever would need to get a girl. That is how Raoul is even though I secretly prefer the Phantom with his sweet yet slightly obsessive ways of loving Christine(rather endearing.. In a way).


So enough about that let us talk about Up with People , I found out about this organization when my amazing aunt sent me an email telling me about an event concerning them they called it the International Leadership Round Table and I was so surprised when they picked my answer. after their event I was so hooked on it that I decided to apply as one of their students for one of their programs because it was a fabulous opportunity for to travel,learn and to broaden your horizons about the world, Since travel is the best education the world has to offer and I really want to learn. There are just so many things you can’t just learn in a classroom because it doesn’t offer much knowledge about what is going on with the rest of the world because it is a beautiful chance to get out and know yourself, I can’t wait to start on it because right now I’m looking forward to applying for it even though I am deathly scared about the interview, despite that my aunt thinks I can pass it with flying colors and no trouble at all. but isn’t that something to worry about? I am so scared I might say the wrong thing or worse comes to worse stutter like an idiot in front of this interviewer and well that might lead to me not getting in like I wanted to and I don’t ever want to waste my parents’ money even though it is only 25 dollars to pay for the application form it still means a lot for me because I don’t want them to think that I failed them again (Which I did so many times as you all know).

another topic to talk about? Oh yeah I was in a movie shoot today with me playing one of the leads, it was a bit messy because well I thought it was messy but I had such a good time today. I watched a play called “Mulagat” a horror play, something I haven’t seen in awhile since most of the plays I see are usually romantic comedies, dramas of some sort and musicals so I found it interesting to watch something you usually see in the movies transformed into a theatre production that is utterly outside.


damn I talk too much! =)))


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