“HandBags For All”




When I saw this exhibit I just had to write about it, This specific artwork shows the reality of the Philippines in my opinion, I want to call it “The hand bags says it all”because what we see here is the truth.Our country is known for selling fake items in different shapes and sizes ,they call it “Class A” but really what is the difference ? It is fake no matter what class it seems. I was surprised to see a piece of artwork looking like that.it is very direct,not abstract. I like how the handbags represent  the darker side of the life here in the Philippines.

the hardships combined with deception in order to make a living is a normal process in life here it may be very depressing to know,but it happens. A GOOD question is Why do people bother? Why do people waste their time manufacturing fake items when the best thing they can possibly do is  get a job at the factory where they make these things regardless if they are hand bags or clothes. Because its a better way to earn money than sell fake items which you can into trouble for,Since  selling fake merchandise can land you in jail for a long time. But people don’t see that they are driven by greed and they are foolish enough to think that it is the right thing when it is not, don’t they think about the people who originally came up with ideas that was suppose to profit just them because hello,they came up with it not you. You steal their ideas for your own selfish demands and that is wrong.

That is why I say that the aesthetics of this art work is inspired by hardships in life you see it in the materials they used ,the metal was rusted to symbolize poverty and difficulties ,to show that life is not always a pretty picture and not all of us have enough money for luxury.when I saw the aesthetics of the artwork in the museum It was purely filipino, For me it was easy to distinguish Filipino aesthetics maybe it is the way it was painted or made,there is something about it, something quirky and bold but innocent and idealistic when it comes to our aesthetics. The way we make our art shows how much filipino idealism grew over the past years,right now,even though it is a bit too late,our artwork has blossomed it is no longer restricted as it once was and that was the foundation for our filipino aesthetics.


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