I’m SORRY Carly Rae Jepsen but your dress just didn’t make the cut in my opinion. it was ill fitting and the color not you? may I ask who is your stylist?. SORRY Taylor S. but your fashion sense gets even more boring as your music.   MUCH LOVE. now here are the real […]

What is the purpose of a Burn Book?

I was watching Mean Girls…. AGAIN after years of forgetfulness(Now just to be clear people I am talking about the ORIGINAL Mean Girls not the sequel Meaghan Jette Martin starred in which by the way was so lame, ABC should have not wasted their time featuring this on their channel and The REAL  Mean Girls is […]

The ultimate style icon – Marilyn Monroe

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Is there anyone more timeless than Marilyn Monroe? The blond bombshell has not yet gone off fashion and will most likely never do. She’s one of my fav past Hollywood ladies and will always be an inspiration to my fashion choices! Who is your style icon? Cxx

Marilyn Oh Marilyn!

Call me late or whatever but I just found out about this! MARILYN Monroe in a collection praise the heavens! Lady Monroe Comes to life Lip Pencil –• Beet – Vivid reddish-pink (Permanent)• Redd – Clearly red (Permanent)• Cherry – Vivid Lip Pencil –• Beet – Vivid reddish-pink (Permanent)• Redd – Clearly red (Permanent)• Cherry […]

Kill,Fuck,Marry ( My new favorite song)

Kill, Fuck, Marry are the things I wanna do to you Your love drives me crazy but my bullets pass right through And passion feeds lust when the trust is questioned And the going gets tough when the pain is lessened But how is it that I don’t scare you You know my mind, you […]