What is the purpose of a Burn Book?

I was watching Mean Girls….

AGAIN after years of forgetfulness(Now just to be clear people I am talking about the ORIGINAL
Mean Girls not the sequel Meaghan Jette Martin starred in which by the way was so lame, ABC should have not wasted their time featuring this on their channel and The REAL  Mean Girls is hardly something you should put on a family channel DUH!.)

So anyway as I was watching it again earlier this morning because I was silly enough to wake up early for some college stuff that turned out to be bullshit plus I got yelled at in the process( don’t ask) I decided to refresh my mind about the story since the last time I saw it was back in 2004.I don’t remember how old I was then but I do recall that I barely understood anything about the film since back then all I cared about was disney and a good dose of Nickelodeon. So my dear mother had the chance to buy the DVD when she went to Malaysia for vacation, She probably thought that since Lindsay Lohan was the star in the film that I would like it since she was a disney baby and I liked her in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, WOW was my mother wrong. She even watched it with me, if she ever had any particular reaction about me watching it at a young age she didn’t show it maybe she was telling me in her own way YOU need to learn about this and prevent it from happening to you but then again mother you were wrong I can’t help but experience it,must be a part of growing up. So anyway to fast forward the real reason I am writing this is to

Give insight about the………..


Now,everyone here knows what  a Burn Book is right? well for those who don’t a Burn Book is a notebook/book that contains informations about what everyone thinks of every single person that they might hate/dislike, whatever you want to call it. The point is this book was made to ridicule every single person who you think is fat,ugly,slutty,bitchy,weird and finally horrible. and that is what Mean Girls started a book that will eventually lead to teenage girls making one of their own so they could feel like they are The Plastics. Now these girls started it and I am not ashamed to admit that my best friend and I made our own Burn Book when we were young,thoughtless and teen wannabes we wrote stories about everything and everyone even though we didn’t know who they really were as people thoughtless right? and honey it can bite you so hard in the ass when the consequences of your actions take place since there is always a good and bad side to things, Good thing is you and your best friend have bond that is filled with secrets and it felt good that only the 2 of you knew something the world didn’t and that was the beauty of the Burn Book,But the bad side of this is that people will find out if you aren’t carefully keeping your secret from the rest of the world and the fact that you will slowly lose yourself even more in the process. But  what is really the worth of a Burn Book can it be a way to form bonds or slowly destroy them?


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