A Letter to John Green

Dear, Mr. GREEN. i just finished reading ” The Fault in Our Stars”  and while it is a nice book to read for people who enjoy new writers a lá Nicholas Sparks I find the book you  wrote to be very disheartening, While your book may try to represent the classic theme of a romantic […]

“More than a fc*k buddy relationship gone wrong.”

You’ve seen it, It has happened to you and yet WHY THE FUCK are you letting it happen to you?! ( this just doesn’t go for me but for everyone) You know you had that icky sweet feeling of romance bubbling up inside when you meet someone new. Its like the time when you get […]

Aesthetic musings.

What can I say this subject helped me learn more about different Asian cultures that influenced this country. We all know that this country has so many sides to it. You really don’t know where to place it in Aesthetics I learned how to view the different artworks in a new way because I didn’t […]