A Letter to John Green

Dear, Mr. GREEN.
i just finished reading ” The Fault in Our Stars”  and while it is a nice book to read for people who enjoy new writers a lá Nicholas Sparks I find the book you  wrote to be very disheartening, While your book may try to represent the classic theme of a romantic tragedy in the counties of America in a sense for me it’s wrong, who romanticizes a tragedy ? Shakespeare did it, Remember love until death? then you get new age writers like Nicholas Sparks who wrote books like “A Walk to Remember” that made teenage girls become even more imaginative about the concept of love and death together, they dream of guys who would do anything for them when in real life those guys barely even exist in the world.. It’s so wrong of people to find entertainment in sickness. Cancer especially.. You want to know how I came by your book Mr. Green? a friend told me to read it,She told me it was a great book to read.. So I bought a copy under the notion that this was something completely new to read, A new idea in a globalized world but wow was I wrong. the theme of the story reminded me of a Walk to remember.. but the funny part is you created characters that I think in my personal opinion would hate what you are doing if they were real.. but then again Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters could possibly be real people because real people think like this anyway and people DO notice you more when you are dead take for example Whitney Houston, She wasn’t noticed much before she died but when people found her dead in the bathtub more than millions of people on facebook,twitter and even a tv show paid homage to her by saying all the usual “My condolences to her family” ” RIP WH” for me it is a load of bullshit and Augustus Waters( Your character) made it clear it is funny how people don’t give a shit when you’re alive but when your dead your life becomes the topic for more than a week or maybe a year, You even get books written about your life if you’re some famous celebrity.. but wow Mr. Green it is unbelievable how you could possibly write about something that just proved to me that all good ideas are gone. Whatever happened to Originality? Whatever happened to going nuts and just writing whatever you think is a good idea. Mr. Green, your book may be good for people who like stories that make them cry but for me its a horrible way to show case your writing skills. I admit the quotations were good but why ruin yourself for the sake of what the public want.. even though there is nothing wrong about that couldn’t you have written something else? I am sorry for writing this, But I have to say what I needed to say.

Ps: I’m sorry that I didn’t like it as much as the rest of my generation.


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