Chapter II: Hot Chocolate and Sleeping Pills

*Chapter Two of Red bloody Lies hmmmm since I should be doing a paper I thought why not write my story as well??? hope to god I won’t forget that damning paper. Damn haven’t written in so long I hate it Gonna continue this story people so please give me your views:) *AGAIN the brilliant […]

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day by cynicalalicefellintomadness featuring denim jean jackets Sonia by Sonia Rykiel sonia rykiel$125 – H M denim jean jacket$47 – Betsey Johnson studded Cotton canvas tote Stackable bracelet$9.48 – Oliver Peoples acetate Eugenia kim hat$160 –

Found these pretty things on ETSY!

The ITEMS: Vintage Harry Levine Tapestry Clutch Purse – Vintage Accessories – Victorian Shabby Chic By Mission Jewels Handmade Rose Leaf Flower Crown, boho, hippie hair wreath, woodland wedding, bridal accessories By Katie Burley vintage 60s mink color blonde By PineHaven ( I know fur is horrible but this is just so pretty this goes […]

My Top 3 favorite video games ( SHOCKER I KNOW)

One little detail all you guys should know is that I am a gamer girl. believe me my friends get surprised at the aspect of me playing on the xbox 360 and the PS. even my guy friends would tell me that it’s not in your appearance that you even like VIDEO GAMES. well YES […]

My husband made some pork eggrolls tonight for dinner. Although this post is also about eggrolls, it’s not the same ones that we just had.  It’s a dessert kind of eggroll. A banana and nutella kind, to be exact. If you love fried bananas, you’ll go BA-NA-NAS for this one! A really simple, quick, and…

My artistic(schmistic) view of Les Miserables

Neo Classicism and Romanticism have been known to be two very different and competitive styles that existed during the same time period. From art forms to musical compositions these two styles constantly rivaled each other. Neoclassicism focused more on showing the honest realities of life. While Romanticism wanted to delve deep into projecting images of […]