I don’t really know what to call what I wrote.


What was the one experience that changed the way you are living your life? It could be anything right? just as long as it is  something that really turned you around .well for me the one thing that did make that happen for me was reading and I know it may sound so common but reading influenced me in so many ways it cultivated my interests that ranged from writing,art,fashion and music. Reading increased my imagination yet it also made me appreciate the beauty in this world and it all started with the person who made this experience happen to me : My Grandmother, She was an English Teacher and as a child I have always listened to her tell me stories, usually fairy tales filled with sleeping princesses and charming princes off to rescue their dames from an evil witch and so on. That was my 1st taste of fantasy a Genre I grew to love that led me to read my 1st ever novel which was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone without too much elaboration you can guess that I am indeed a Harry Potter nerd since I have read all of the books in the series and I remember spending more than half a day reading them even more when I 1st got them and it always had an inscription from my Grandmere who loves writing me long letters  on my birthday and she inspired me to write and it wasn’t only her who instilled my love of reading and writing the other person is my aunt who I take after in so many ways. many people see more qualities of her when it comes to my interest. My grandmother told me of all the things my aunt would do whenever she got her hands on something to read and it was funny how I do the same things she did too. My parents also supported me in my reading even though they think its quite “pricey” they always supported my habits of writing and reading they allow me to get more than 1 book to read because they know that in a day I can finish reading one because I become so engrossed in the tale that I feel like I’m living inside it that I am the character. maybe that is why my mind has gone insane in my head my imagination just kept on going and going it never ceased its growth. reading helped my mind flourished it even provided the escape I needed whenever things went wrong for me. my books were my companions and they always will be. I sometimes dumbfound people because they find it “unlike” me to find reading interesting even I find it surprising sometimes but I think its better to be real about it. I love reading and writing people find it nerdy but I don’t care. it develops your mind who would want someone who doesn’t have a brain. its terrible enough that women still get treated like they are stupid. nowadays more of them would rather act stupid then read a book. If I were a guy wouldn’t that be a turn off? but then again there are some guys who date girls with no brains. mainly cause of “You know what” but well it is their life right? who am I to judge?  here I am again going off topic one thing you should know about me is I don’t really like talking about just one topic. and I am so talkative even through this and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t complained that my posts are too long trust me it would be such a relief if you read this and you’re not just skimming through it.




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