Red Bloody Lies : Parisian Eclairs (Chapter I)

*This may seem to you as another DRAMIONE fanfiction but I assure you it’s not. HARRY POTTER,The characters and nearly everything(except the imagination of this story) BELONGS TO J.K ROWLING.

*This is my 1st ever fanfic so cut me some slack lol please let me know of your honest opinion I look forward to your reviews since all of you are wonderful people I’d appreciate if you throw in ideas of what you think is good!


*Flash Back


It was a month before September 1st.The start of 6th year for some at Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry.

Hermione Granger sat outside a chic french cafe,sipping hot chocolate from a bowl and nibbling off her eclair,While she is completely engrossed reading a hard bound copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen .Her unruly mane of brown hair,pulled back into a messy bun above the nape of her neck.

“How come Mr. Darcy is nothing but a mere fantasy”. sighs Hermione, As the wind brushed against her cheek while the brilliant sun warmed her face,bringing life to her features. But of course nobody paid any attention to these details.Not that she cared since all her attention is devoted to the story of Lizzie Bennet and Mr.Darcy.

All the people that passed by were nothing but blurry colors moving in opposite directions, Hermione lifts her eyes momentarily to observe the scene happening before her. Champs Elyssees,The shopping district of Paris,smelled of luxury and everything french. Fashionable Women turned the street into a runway with their 4 inch stilettos and their expensive outfits that were carefully picked out by their delicate french tipped fingers.

Hermione’s gaze lingered to an elegant looking  girl with wavy blonde hair.but that wasn’t the only thing about her that made Hermione stare.

“Hang on,that guy…. I think I know him.”

Hermione examined the guy right next to the blonde ice queen. Only to find this guy’s grey eyes staring back at her.Not until he flashed her a most familiar smirk did she realize who she was staring at.

” Oh my fuck.. It’s sodding Draco Malfoy, What the hell is he doing in MUGGLE Paris? has he gone bonkers?.” So many questions ran through Hermione’s disbelieving mind.”Malfoy..Muggle Paris..I must be bonkers.”

Draco Malfoy’s cool gaze lingered to Hermione,holding back a laugh as he saw the look on her face, This was the 1st time he saw her without the 2 nutcases that made up the famous Golden Trio and he wasn’t going to let this chance slide.

“My oh my Granger, Alone.. In Paris.” He chuckled. “This is going to be fun.” He made his way to her,Thinking of many insulting words to hurl at the little know-it-all that always bested him.

“Well,Well..Hello Mudblood, I never thought I’d see you around here.” He drawled sarcastically amused when he saw a fiery glare in her eyes.

“Same goes to you also Ferret, I never thought i’d see you creeping around this part of Paris,I distinctly remember you saying that everything associated with muggles disgust you.”

“I can choose where to go Muggle, You don’t own the world to tell me where to go Granger.”

“With the way you’re acting right now there are other things that can kill you Malfoy.” Hermione rolled her eyes as she sipped more chocolate from her bowl.

Draco glared at Hermione,seething underneath his cool composure,thinking of anything insulting to shoot at her.but instead he said ” As much as I want to continue this riveting conversation with you Granger. I have better things to attend to.”nodding toward his blonde companion.

The blonde girl looked at Hermione from head to toe giving a look that says WHAT-THE- HELL IS HE DOING WITH HER.

“Wouldn’t want to keep you Malfoy.” Hermione sneered.

Draco brushed past her, laughing at her annoyed expression, as he crossed the street. He  looked back at Hermione, clearly proud that he managed to annoy the little know it all, Sure it was childish but he was amused that he did so.

A small smile appeared on his face.The girl he was with looked at him curiously and asked.”Who was she Draco?.” 

“A class mate Tanya.” 

“My name’s not Tanya! it’s Cristiana who the bloody fuck is Tanya.”

“Oh right yeah Cristiana sorry forgot.”

“FORGOT?! you know what? you ARE an arsehole.” she scoffed then pushed past him, “I hope you and your cock enjoy a nice night to yourselves.”

Draco chuckled and said “Don’t worry love I assure you we won’t be alone.” lighting a cigarette as he gave her a suggestive smile.

“You’re a pig.” she turned and walked off leaving Malfoy standing alone with his thoughts consumed of one Hermione Granger.


My 1st ever fanfiction! enjoy reading please.

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