My Top 3 favorite video games ( SHOCKER I KNOW)

One little detail all you guys should know is that I am a gamer girl. believe me my friends get surprised at the aspect of me playing on the xbox 360 and the PS. even my guy friends would tell me that it’s not in your appearance that you even like VIDEO GAMES. well YES I do. I’ve played video games since I was 4 or 6 years old up until now since it is such a huge stress reliever. but to get straight to the point here is my list of my favorite video games:

1. Assassin’s Creed (II- Revelations, I barely like 3 or even the 1st one)

I call this game the medieval GTA of the italian renaissance but instead of using cars you’re using carriages or horses to escape your pursuers.I liked AC II a lot and up until now it’s a game I like to play one because: HELLO RENAISSANCE two: The Assassin is really cute. three: you get to learn italian( a little si?) and four : the gameplay is exciting. it’s better than most of the RPGs I have played before because your surroundings are free for you to explore. girls would get hooked on this if they find a bit of action interesting. Plus like I said Ezio Auditore was cute and finally the 5th: you get to learn at the same time play as all the events in the game are based on historical fact.


2. Final Fantasy X and X2

I counted them as one because well they are part of one another. Reasons why this was my favorite is because the Tidus and Yuna love story was really cute. but not as beautiful as the love stories between Zack and Aerith & Tifa and Cloud. to inform you I played this game when I was still a 12 yr old love sick pre- teen who had no choice but to dream about prince charming ( and he never came by the way but it’s fine) so I was all giggly and blushy about their stories, hoping mine would turn out like that minus all the death and dangers we have to go to


3. Uncharted

I have only a few words to say and that is : Its AWESOME and get it now.uncharted_3_drakes_deception-wallpaper-1400x1050


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