Chapter II: Hot Chocolate and Sleeping Pills

*Chapter Two of Red bloody Lies hmmmm since I should be doing a paper I thought why not write my story as well??? hope to god I won’t forget that damning paper. Damn haven’t written in so long I hate it Gonna continue this story people so please give me your views:)

*AGAIN the brilliant J.K ROWLING wrote the breath taking tale of Harry Potter and All credit goes to her



Hermione was absolutely dumbfounded with what just happened, She just saw and had a barely tolerable conversation with Draco ” Ferret” Malfoy in MUGGLE Paris of all places. “Harry and Ronald won’t certainly believe this at all.. hmmm.. maybe I should owl them about this.”Hermione thought but then decided it won’t be wise to ruin the boys’ Ferret free vacation.

“Harry might hex the little bugger and Ronald might hex me for “fraternizing”with the enemy.” Hermione scoffed,thinking of the time Ron insulted her for being close to Viktor Krum during their 4th year when there was nothing completely wrong with it.

Hermione shook her head,silently laughing to herself as she thought of her two best friends back in England, She was about to sip on her hot chocolate when..

“HERMIONE! HERMIONE!!.” The high pitched girlish scream came from a girl with bleached blonde hair and dark green eyes.

“Only you would cause a scene like this Fee.” Hermione smiled as her brazen cousin stumbled her way through the crowd, apologizing to people she bumped into with her shopping bags.” Well.. Well look what the wind blew in.” Hermione smirked as Felicity took a deep breath as she sat down with her many shopping bags.

“Man.. Oh .. Man.. so many stores… so many sales…” Felicity said taking deep breaths in between.”Hey.. Hey breathe alright?.” Hermione said trying not to laugh at her cousin.” You want some chocolate? I got this.” Hermione said pushing the bowl of hot chocolate.

Felicity looked at the bowl and smirked “Mione.. Mione.. my dear cousin my thirst can’t be quenched by meager chocolate.” she said, as she lifts her hand to her forehead in true prima dona fashion. Hermione laughed at her cousin’s dramatic monologue,thinking ” When it comes to being drama queen she wins hands down.”

Felicity turned to face her cousin then said ” Mione.. lovely,the only things i’m craving for right now is a good romp and a bottle of good ol’ liquor.How about it?.”Felicity smiled naughtily waiting for Hermione’s reaction. Hermione furrowed her brow ” I don’t think so Fee.” Felicity pouted and whimpered “Oh come on Mione let’s do something fun for a change please? don’t you get bored moping and reading around, isn’t that dull?.”

“Excuse me Fee I do not-.” Hermione started. “Yeah Yeah Mione… Don’t give me that look for fuck’s sake you look as if I told you to lose your virginity.”

Hermione’s cheeks turn into a brick red of embarrassment as everyone within hearing range turned around to look at her ” Thanks Fee, say it again I don’t think the police officer heard you.” Hermione said sarcastically.

Felicity looked at their onlookers and rolled her eyes and said “oops Mione sorry, there you happy?.” “.Yes I’m happy thank you for the sarcasm.” Hermione said,reclining back on the wicker chair she sat on. ” I know you want to have fun Fee but you know my parents they wouldn’t let us out of their sights not even for a minute, It’s a wonder that they even let us out today by ourselves.”Hermione sighed looking at the picturesque landscape of Champs Elysees.

“We need to have fun, Paris isn’t at all glamorous if we don’t explore what the city’s offering us.” Felicity said,kicking a small stone out unto the side walk of the street.

‘Well what do you suggest then?.” Hermione replied, curiousity overcoming her need to be right

” I suggest we dress up and go out for tonight I heard from Jean- Pierre that there’s this great party by the Place Denfert-Rochereau tonight.”

” Jean – Pierre? we haven’t even been in Paris for 2 days and you already met somebody?.” Hermione raised her eyebrows in surpise.

” it’s called being friendly Hermy everyone deserves to have friendship in a foreign country.” Felicity said, laughing at the look on Hermione’s face.” Alright, Alright you got me there so lets get going then” . Hermione said with a mischievious look on her face.

“Seriously?” Felicity said, looking quite dumbfounded with her cousin’s quick agreement.”Yes Felicity seriously.”Hermione said, sighing with exasperation.

“GREAT! I knew you weren’t a prude”. Felicity said laughing excitedly, hugging Hermione with a lot of enthusiasm.

” You thought I was a prude?” Hermione said, frowning as she pulled away from her cousin’s embrace. ” Uhm well yeah.” Felicity said, hugging her again and praying Hermione didn’t change her mind.

” Trust me Hermione you won’t regret it.”

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