Me? really?

1. I am a left handed, Like most parents they couldn’t understand why I was left handed, they kept forcing my writing hand to be right even though I never got why they wanted it to be right instead of left.

2. I am opinionated,cynical and my temper rarely flares up but when it does I become really hateful that I don’t know what to say anymore.

3.I fancy blokes. but then again I want a sensible bloke. not the usual cheesy pseudo romantic ones that we all know are more than half of man’s population.

4. I am a feminist. In my way. it’s probably why I barely got into any relationships at all.

5.I am a bit crazy. maybe crazy in a freaky way.

6.My ideals are actually hated by my dad.

7. I am the most contradicting person there ever is in the world.

8. I have a best friend named J

9. I may be in love with a guy named C but C is too busy or he probably forgot about me already.

10. I don’t know what else to say.


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