“Why don’t you have a Facebook?” the most commonly asked question.

I’m sure the very few of us who don’t even have a facebook account can relate to this. Has anyone every asked you why you don’t have a facebook account? because I have been asked that question so many times and people always ask me WHY? and whenever I say things like ” it ruins people’s lives” or ” It is a complete waste of time” they would assume jokingly or not that you are a weirdo and yesterday over a plate of fried battered oreos and vanilla ice cream. that happened. I was called a weirdo by my friend Kevin. I’m not taking it into offense though but I wondered aloud what is the big deal if I don’t have a facebook account? does it mark me as a social pariah if I don’t use facebook chat to communicate with people ? and finally even if I don’t have a facebook should it make me look like a person with scandal shrouding her life? to answer all those questions myself. I don’t think so. The people around me are ridiculous enough to think that not having a facebook is lame because it’s the biggest fad since myspace and friendster dropped dead but really what is the point? people spend more than an hour on it browsing endlessly for a “like” or a “comment” that makes them think that they are popular because someone “liked” whatever bullshit may be posted whether it would be a meme or some horrible story about 2 teenagers falling in love in an odd way then end up in the eventual death of the other. How sad is that? and another thing is since when did having more than a thousand friends become a competition? the proper question to ask is Do you even know those thousands personally? or are you trying to blend in with the crowd just so you could pretend that you know them when one person would ask if you know this person or that one? How desperate and shallow is that. didn’t anybody hear about facebook ruining your life? well it did ruin some people’s lives for example that girl from the United Kingdom who threw the most disastrous “SKINS Party”  that reached international tabloids just because the girl was silly enough not to put the whole thing as RSVP. whatever happened to good old calligraphy on scented paper and specialized birthday cards? and finally what happened to PRIVACY?  these questions I’m asking are showcasing my point. but the no. 1 out of all of them is the lack of privacy that Facebook offers unknowingly to their users. sure it may seem secure to you because your profile might be on private but where is your privacy when a hacker decides to open up your account. NO MATTER how secure you might think it is.  Facebook always has that underlying tone to it that makes it seem as if you’re giving yourself over to the internet gods of evil. but you need it, we all know that since our bosses,classmates,co workers and relatives have facebook accounts so we can keep in touch with them. it’s a generically sweet thought. but god hasn’t anyone ever heard about email addresses? why facebook? it’s still a mystery to me why people would risk themselves on this social network site. sure it does good for business and whatnot but don’t you think that this addiction to a horrid fad like this should be stopped before it gets a lot more worse than it should be?



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