Overrated Teenage Love

Once upon a time in a village full of “grown up” teenagers and hedonism. there lived a nice girl named “Danni” now this girl had everything a nice loving family,beauty and straight As she was everything daddy and mommy want her to be.she always had suitors from foot ball players to her brother’s best friends but Danni learned from an early age not to accept these things until she was ready. A few years later, after several suitors came and went, Danni finally found her 1st love and boyfriend who was her “One in a Million” man after seeing him for 4 consecutive weeks of non stop texting,calls and group dates she decided that she loved him as much as he said he loved her 2 weeks ago, they felt like they were in 7th heaven all the time, it was just that perfect and the Romeo of this tale thought so too, that nothing could rain on their little love parade.but one day she revealed news that she was flitting off to a new kingdom that was called “Canada”. Imagine Romeo’s despair when he found out that his lady love was flying to a new land and without him too. so he resolved that they spend nearly every minute together until she had to leave and within each day Our Romeo used his brains to find ways he could communicate with her because he thought Skype wouldn’t be enough. so when he established that more communication was relevant to keep their relationship going despite the distance, he kept calling her everyday to wake her up for work when she was in her new palace. he talked to her during her lunch hours and before she went to bed. this process went on and on for over a year. When Danni decided to come home to celebrate her debut, Our Romeo couldn’t be more thrilled. When she came back he always went with her to gown fittings,food tasting,dance lessons, and party planning appointments, In other words it seemed like they were planning to marry.

But our Romeo didn’t fancy the fact that his Danni was too busy with birthday preparations to notice him. So he made plans that  guaranteed would get her attention while they were in her party. but his plan didn’t work because she was too busy minding the other people in her party. He didn’t like that. He also didn’t like that she invited her past suitors. She didn’t think that she did something wrong. but he did and jealousy took over in a span of 4 hours. When he couldn’t control his cool anymore he let jealousy reel its ugly head around the corner. there he let everything out. he moaned and screamed at Danni. Then Our Juliet finally realized that he really wasn’t a “One in a Million” man he was a part of a million men who think that they know women. A Year came and went, Then our Danni was stricken, she thought she still had feelings for him, and it hurt her too much to think about it, but after several months of still thinking about it, her feelings turned obsessive The Romeo in our tale probably means well and he must be a decent person. but he doesn’t know how to handle women yet. The same goes for our Juliet, she was naive enough to think that this bloke was THE One. does this person even exist? is everything predestined including our tragic love lives? these are the questions that people ought to think about, instead of using their hormones as a “rational” conscience for their lives. Did you notice that our perception on love changes as when we get older and wiser from the same crap we wish we would never experience but we still experience because sometimes we just don’t know what to do? Are we really suppose to know what love is? because nobody feels it yet. not even you. it’s all flirtations and bad break ups for the young people of today. WHEN WILL THE CYCLE end? when will the so called “grown up”  teenagers realize that what they know about love isn’t really love at all.


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