The Fetish Analysis

Long ago and Far,Far Away in the fabulous dating world populated by men and women who constantly enjoy each other’s company through movies,drinks,parties and endless phone calls. There lived a gorgeous shoe shop owner who adored taking care of women’s feet by giving them, in his opinion, the perfect pair of shoes,whether the brands were Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin or Gucci. In his mind, nothing would be more beautiful than a gorgeous woman walking around in a pair of sky high round toe pumps. for him it was a match made in heaven. for the woman,she knew it made her look good but looking like a million dollar socialite would cause a price. and that price will appear on her credit card bill in the following month.

Our Shoe connoisseur didn’t care of course, All he wanted was for these lovely women and their feet to look their best and it thrilled him that he would be the 1st to see the magical results of his charms. He was proud and aroused. Which always happened to big deal. He loved women’s feet.but what would his customers think about this little “interest”of his. A few days later, A beautiful girl walked in and our Shoe master was taken aback. She was stunning and here she was browsing through his store. She called for his attention, holding up a pair of satiny black Burberry Prorsum open toe booties, asking for a smaller size. He snapped out of his reverie and went to the stockroom in a daze. her loveliness certainly captured his attention, so when got a box of the smaller Burberry booties up to her. His gaze went from top to bottom. and after convincing her to buy the boots,despite the outrageous price. He worked out the nerve to strike a conversation with her that ended with him asking her for dinner at this exclusive restaurant 2 days from now, they exchanged numbers and she went on her way. clearly thrilled about their date. Fast forward 2 days from now. there they were clearly enjoying themselves. sipping too much wine and talking of things of no consequence, She fancied him and he clearly fancied her. it was a mutual attraction and both of them knew it. That one little date of theirs led to more. their chaste good night kisses led to evenings of pleasurable sex and their cautious natures started to ebb away as they began to know each other more. until one night during a night of passion our mademoiselle popped the question “what are your fantasies?.” and for the 1st time during the course of their mutual attraction.. He was at a loss for words. “What should I tell her?” did he dare tell her about his desire to lick every single inch of her body including her feet? after more than a 10 second conversation with his brain and dick he concluded that YES he should. After a few shy glances then a small smile here and there he told her his desire for a foot job. Our beauty smiled,processing his confession. Thinking should I freak out then make a run for it but one look at his handsome face she felt her heart melt.. At least I should try.

There is nothing wrong with trying not even if we it is too much already. But what do you think happened to our Lady? Do you think she stuck around with her Shoe lover? Maybe she did. Or that’s probably just me thinking that she stayed and handled it like a woman. Tolerating his fantasy but setting her boundaries. Who would let go of a charming man/woman just because of one small detail(and by small I mean really small not the ones that usually turn out to be big e.g: children,marriage, and sexuality) maybe most of us who don’t have an open mind about certain things like as the story showed FETISHES are one of those topics that make a lot of people raise their eyebrows. But in truth all of us have fetishes I don’t see why people find it odd that a lot of us have these desires. I asked around about what do some people think about it. A lot of them think its not really a big deal. That having fetishes are as normal as they come but I still don’t get why those people who are so open about it get shunned because of what they like. Who are we to play god about people? I’m sure everyone of us has those “itches” that need scratching (quoted by the skittish Janet Weiss) but the problem is we could never find anyone who could go stay until the main attraction (god I keep quoting Rocky Horror) it’s never that easy. Its not like we can’t not live without having these little quirks. It is not our fault that we are all born mad sometimes we don’t even know how to deal with our preferences at all or mostly we don’t have a clue on how to deal with others because we think we can’t even deal with ourselves. We’re honestly helpless and we say we can only tolerate a certain thing up to a degree. It is a curious thing. It really is.

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