Why we love our mums.

“Mothers know best” and is that not the truth? Our mothers are ladies of compassion and love they cherish their child and it’s always the most amazing feeling when they shower you with hugs and sweet words. The best thing about Mums especially my Mum is that she is always there for us even if the distance has separated us for a few years. She just knows how to listen and hear her kids out. there is just something different about mums. Something that makes you want to keep telling her stuff and that is what I feel like with my Mother. She’s my best friend she’s been there for me for my whole entire life there are times I can’t even tell my Mom from my friends sometimes because I can laugh at and with her as much as I can with my friends. She’s cool and I wouldn’t be embarrassed by her. I think one of the reasons I love my mom so much is because she’s not afraid of the new transformation of times. She’s so silly and funny when she mentions the latest news about this celebrity or Kim Kardashian and I would sit there surprised and amused I’d even say “Wow Mum you’re more updated than me”  she would say something funny back like ” You have to keep up with the times dear and it’s rather entertaining seeing my mum being like this and I manage to appreciate her more because she’s not like other mums she’s there for you like how a fat kid loves cake.  and she gives you  classic advice that never gets old whether it’s about boys,love,periods or awkward relationships with your dad she has it all. I’m not making my mum sound like a car salesman but she really does know and see all so let’s hold our glasses for our Mothers and think about all the wonderful things they have done for us. Let’s appreciate the Ladies who took care of us when we cried, who made jokes at and with us when we needed it the most and the great talking sessions that are better than anything else.Let us love them always.


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