Wednesday’s Bling Ring inspired #OOTD

I felt a little bad ass today so in celebration of Sofia Coppola’s summer flick i did a little outfit that looks like “I wanna Rob”. Team Damon shirt (I cut off the sleeves) originally from hot topic. Back when i wasn’t bored of the V.D) Moss green Mullet Skirt ( got it from a […]

Frock that

Going for the ultimate bad ass look.  You know you love it. X Red hottie hot trousers : Forever fucking 21 Bad ass mutha fucker leather jacket: custom made biatches Imma kick your ass boots : doc awesome Martens Large is gorgeous bag : got it from paris +awesome+ I’m a flower child top : […]

Parental Misguidance

The absentee writer is back! and slightly more retarded than ever.. The reason I haven’t written or updated much was because of the fact that university life is getting more crammed than ever.. I’m sure you college undergrads agree with me as much as the next person. So in college, you know how it is.. […]

This is SO not Hipster

  My SUPER lazy outfit of the day for uni! I was so lazy that I actually came in late for my 1st class <uhoh> daaaaamn! Crop top : Forever 21 Skirt: got it from a local brand called “Sewn” Shoes : Don ed Hardy au natural slip ons ( YES my shoes are environmentally […]