Parental Misguidance

The absentee writer is back!

and slightly more retarded than ever..

The reason I haven’t written or updated much was because of the fact that university life is getting more crammed than ever.. I’m sure you college undergrads agree with me as much as the next person. So in college, you know how it is.. there’s always the peer pressure, The pre-marital sex and the hectic university core subjects that drives you insane and sometimes YOU need to blow off steam.. and it’s understandable. but surprisingly enough our parents or guardians don’t understand that. Even though it’s ironic that parents themselves did the same things way back when they were curious, intensely hormonal and crazy. We’re not clueless nor are we stupid.. sometimes we want to say ” “Mum, Dad we know you did this before.. can you stop acting righteous?”and I’m sure more than a couple of people agree with me on this. How many of us feel that our parents are being ridiculous?  How is drinking unavoidable? How can smoking be stopped? This is the problem with parents they get mad when they find out you sipped a glass of wine when wine is more healthier than the glass of scotch dad has every night after work and it’s better tasting than the cigarette Mum has in the bedroom for “quiet time” .

It’s ironic that our own parents do the same things they forbid us from doing. Dad would tell stories about his college days.. his friday nights out with friends who would drink more than a couple of pints of beer to relieve the stressful burden of the week. How about Mum’s college girl’s nights where they get all dolled up for a disco night? IS going out and having a good time wrong?  Our Mums all  made the solid decision to sneak out  when daddy dearest wouldn’t  let them play at night, Hence why We, the girls of our generation do the same thing, I’m not saying it’s right but whatever happened to free will?  Aren’t we suppose to experience these things much like what our parents did before. Once upon a time, Our Parents weren’t law abiding goody two shoes, they were like us a few years back, were slightly immoral,rebellious and adventure seeking. College was the way out for all of them, because as we all know, Cigarettes,drugs and alcohol plus the root of all evil… Peer pressure test the limits of the human conscience, How far can we go and how much morality we have and in the end those experiences make us better people because once we know what happens then, We experience the reality of what we did after a night of not caring.. and you know what.. it can be the most shittiest feeling in the world or the most enjoyable time of your life. But our Parents still don’t understand that those things can never be prevented since it’s the person’s mind at work not theirs but it makes them good examples for you to try and teach your kid to realize all the bad vices in life which you can never avoid.


Just Live, Love and Experience Life.



PS: I’m not telling kids of any age to rebel against their parents but I just want them to see how Ironic life can be. Parents aren’t always right but they are trying to be.


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