Wednesday’s Bling Ring inspired #OOTD


I felt a little bad ass today so in celebration of Sofia Coppola’s summer flick i did a little outfit that looks like “I wanna Rob”.

Team Damon shirt (I cut off the sleeves) originally from hot topic.
Back when i wasn’t bored of the V.D)

Moss green Mullet Skirt ( got it from a local brand here called “sewn”)

Doc martens airwear boots (these boots are vintage ladies and gents had them 2 years after Princess Diaries 1st came out) amazingly my feet, hasn’t grown an inch. Kind of sad but good for me.:))

Carrera tote zip up bag (got it from a sweet little store from italy) cannot for the life of me remember where.

Diamond and studded collar ribbon necklace (a friend’s very very late birthday gift love you A)

Bling ring love to all! X

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