Spring Breakers : A review

Spring Breakers, The summer flick that had everyone buzzing last year post “The Bling Ring” – Sofia Coppola – Emma Watson craze. it turned out to be quite a flop despite all the “hype” it had because of the Hollywood Starlets and a certain acting genius  that graced the film.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine and Le art nouveau  James Franco, In my opinion, wasted their time on this film.. Especially James Franco, who already has acting prowess on his persona, Spring breakers is a story about 4 college girls who lived boring dormitory lives so they felt the need to escape and that for them, was Spring Break. The film begins with a montage of scenes showing Candy ( Vanessa Anne Hudgens), Brittany ( Ashley Benson) , Cotty ( Rachel Korine) and Faith ( Selena Gomez) a group of college girls who have been life long friends were desperate for a change from their daily lives, So Cotty, Brittany and Candy plan their escapade.. They decide to rob a restaurant using hammers and realistic looking squirt guns for money to go to Florida. Faith, the most innocent girl in their group was surprised by the other girls because of their reckless behavior, but she overlooks it and goes to Spring break with them , the girls indulge in hedonistic parties, drugs, and drinking until one beach celebration turned for the worst leaving the girls arrested for doing drugs. Eventually the girls were bailed  by a rapper named Alien played by Franco and so begins the eventual roller coaster of destruction that lead to death.

I was watching Spring Breakers with my sister and friends, and to be honest I never really understood the story, because all I saw was a festival of breasts and beach parties that would give parents a heart attack. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Anne Hudgens as usual tried to shy away from their reputations as Disney teen queens and as usual they did it in the worst way, Selena Gomez looked like a 14 year old girl that looked lost in a crowd that didn’t shy away from hedonism and debauchery.  Vanessa Anne Hudgens embodied her role so well, I was reminded of her antics back in 2009.. and we don’t have to get into detail about that.. since I’m sure every single person who uses the internet has a clue about it. I don’t understand why some people refer to Spring Breakers as a “Cult classic”  because it doesn’t hold that title. They call it an exploitation film but I just don’t get that story, nobody is that desperate to go to spring break that way, It is very unrealistic and Harmony Korine could’ve done better,another question is, Was this movie leeching off Coppola’s Bling Ring hype? it probably was and it didn’t do well at it.. let’s leave it to that.

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